About Us

Michelle Brown

My Yoga journey started in 2010 when I attended a yoga class at an Arts, Music and Lifestyle festival.

I had never really done yoga before, but I’ve always been quite active and did gymnastics and dancing as a child, so I was drawn to the physical aspects of yoga. It was different to anything I’d ever done before, it incorporated physical exercise with meditation, self awareness, concentration and relaxation.

I felt strong yet relaxed, nurtured yet empowered. When I got home, I straight away looked for yoga classes in the area and soon found myself attending 3 or so classes a week consisting of Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, restorative and dynamic styles. I was hooked, and I began to notice myself change, I was just naturally taking better care of myself, felt calmer and more patient, I was becoming more aware of my body and more comfortable being myself.

After 2 years I was already attending up to 5 or 6 classes a week as well as having a solid at home practice, it had become a lifestyle. So after much encouragement and support from my friends, family and teachers, I decided to go to Byron Bay and complete my teacher training course so I could make it my life goal to share this gift to self with the world.

I would say my style is a combination of Hatha and vinyasa, I like to keep the body flowing and moving while still focusing on the alignment and feeling of each posture. I look forward to sharing your yoga journey with you.

Michelle Brown

Danielle Rush

Based in the south-eastern suburbs I have been practising yoga on and off for over 10 years but consistently for the past 2 years. Fitness has always been part of my life in one form or another from running to boot camps and group fitness but it was my love of yoga that made me take that on full time. Whilst I always loved doing other forms of fitness I was looking for something else that would keep me fit and active but serve my body better as I had a knee injury and running and doing boot camps kept aggravating it. When I took on yoga as my main form of exercise I was amazed that just by listening to my body I could challenge, strengthen and transform it but at the same time not injure myself. I also love the yoga philosophies and the moving meditation that is embedded in each class. It is for this reason that I decided I wanted to teach and share yoga with other people and show them how amazing their bodies are and help them reach their full potential – physically and mentally.

I have a passion for yoga and want to bring the practise of yoga to the masses and show everyone that they too can build a solid yoga practise no matter their strength, flexibility or their age (even if they are a late starter like me!). Specialising in Vinyasa, Power Vinyasa and Yin Yoga, in my class I focus not only on the physical practise of yoga but also the mental side of yoga exploring traditional and modern yoga themes in each class. Students leave my classes feeling inspired and empowered!

Wendy Allan

Wendy first discovered Yoga in 2006 whilst living in London. Growing up Wendy played a lot of physical sports, and always enjoyed being part of a team. She approached her first Yoga class with this mentality, going to her first bikram yoga class with a bunch of girlfriends. Wendy really enjoyed the physical aspect of bikram, as well the mental challenge of overcoming the heat and self-doubt.

Back in Melbourne, Wendy found herself drawn back to Yoga, this time practising a more Iyengar/alignment based yoga. This is when she realized that Yoga was more than just physical. Yoga enriched Wendy’s life over a very difficult period. It gave her the tools to not only deal with these issue but to actually enjoy life and to be present. It gave her the space to reconnect to herself.

Wendy continued to practice yoga through her pregnancy and after her son was born, leaning on her yoga practice as she learnt to deal with IVF, being a new mum and post-natal anxiety.
Wendy recently completed her Yoga Teacher Training 200hours with Yoga Plus. She teaches a variety of styles including, Slow Flow, Yin, Restorative and Vinyasa with a focus on alignment.
Yoga is a resting place, a meditative place, a place to find and center yourself and a place to challenge and evolve. Wendy brings this approach to her teaching style. Yoga has become a way of life, a blueprint to a more harmonious and spiritually way of being.

Aaron Petty

As a child I was incredibly active and constantly seeking out new and different ways to move my body. I would step into a new sport, learn the ropes and then quickly lose enthusiasm and move on to something new.

During my teenage years I found wakeboarding, a sport that allowed me to express my creativity and travel all over the world. I had found a true passion and was incredibly dedicated.

At the age of 18 I became injured and was unable to do any physical activity for over 4 years, this was an incredibly transformative period which eventually led me to the first of many realisations, including that the only person capable of changing my situation was me.

A friend had mentioned yoga to me a couple of times and after a few invitations I found myself in tracksuit pants and a long sleeve t-shirt at my first power class; thinking “Yoga is just stretching, right?” Wrong…

By the end of the hour, despite my clothes being drenched in sweat, I couldn’t believe how great I felt, I was hooked. Yoga found me at the time I needed it most, it taught me that there is a lot more to a healthy lifestyle than simply staying active.

In the first year of my practice I found myself attending over 280 classes and countless workshops. I needed to know everything I could about yoga.

This ultimately led me to my 200hr teacher training. Originally I took the course to deepen my own practice, however life had a lot more in store for me. I quickly developed a genuine passion for sharing my love of yoga with people from all walks of life and have since completed 300hrs of training and many more workshops.

My classes are an outward expression of my own practice, you can expect a light-hearted approach to strong and flowing vinyasa along with the exploration of new movement patterns and posturing that is available to practitioners at any stage of their yoga journey.

I create a space for my students to feel challenged and nurtured whilst connecting to their truest essence of being.

Join me on the mat in 2018 as I continue to share my passion for yoga, exploration and movement.

Dani Iacovelli

Dani began her spiritual journey while practising and teaching martial arts, which she has done for over twelve years. She currently holds a Second Dan Black Belt in Karate.  Dani’s selfless and caring nature sparked a deep passion to help others, encouraging her to spread her wings further in teaching both women’s and children’s self-defence.

Dani has a deep love for yoga and its rich traditional philosophies and believes – “Yoga Found Me”, while also being quite a natural transition from her martial arts background.

Dani strongly believes yoga is for everyone and flexibility should not govern whether you choose to practise Yoga! We are all uniquely beautiful and each pose will look different for each individual.

Dani was drawn to yoga like many other practitioners who have been faced with experiences of hardship throughout life in order to self-heal.  As many others today in the modern world, Dani suffered with crippling mental illnesses such as PTSD, anxiety and depression and through her studies learnt these experiences have not only prepared her for the yoga journey ahead, it became evidently clear Dani’s purpose was to help others heal in the most positive way.

Dani became a Certified 500hr Yoga Teacher whilst studying for 12 months at Moksha Academy of Yoga in Melbourne, which cemented her life purpose and natural progression into becoming a caring and giving teacher.

Dani certainly leaves a positive and uplifting impression to all she encounters and is never shy of giving free hugs regularly.  Her open heart, bubbly personality and encouragement, see her create a nurturing, fun and caring environment where all aspects of mind and body are experienced.


Rhys Dennis

From an early age I was interested in sports and physical activities. I found BMX riding in my teens and early 20’s. It was an amazing time in my life from meeting people from all over the world and traveling Australia, riding comps, parks, going on road trips, even some magazine appearances; however after a handful of hospital trips, injuries, breaks and sprains, I was looking for something to repair and restore my body, when I found yoga.

I had a good friend introduce me to yoga and teach me my first class. From there I started to build a home practice with videos. Then in 2015 I met my partner Michelle, who had just completed her YTT and was about to take on running a studio. From there I went from just practising at home to attending several classes a week sometimes back to back.

Apart from the physical benefits of yoga, I noticed the practice start to have positive effects on my lifestyle and state of mind and I was keen to delve deeper, as my yoga practice expanded I started to gain more interest in meditation and the philosophical side. I attended a few workshops throughout 2016 and in early 2017 I started my Teacher Training with a
Knoff Yoga Discovery 50hr Course, followed by Byron Yoga centre 200hr Teacher Training.

I thoroughly enjoyed these courses and the knowledge I acquired. I am eager to share these skills and experiences as I now embark on my teaching journey. I hope to make yoga accessible to everyone of all ages and all fitness levels whilst incorporating the traditional philosophical practices into my classes.