At Just Be we teach a dynamic form of hatha and vinyasa yoga that emphasises movement through alignment and flow, along with a sense of inner-connection and mindfulness. Through this integration of physical movement, mindfulness and awareness of breath you will establish a sense of health, happiness and wellbeing. Each class combines a number of elements including:
  1. Yoga postures to build strength and flexibility
  2. Relaxation to reduce and eliminate stress and restore balance
  3. Pranayama (Breathing techniques) to regulate the body’s energy, and
  4. Meditation to calm and centre the mind.

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Increased strength and muscle tone

Increased flexibility and fitness

Reduction in ‘aches and pains’

Increased Energy and Vitality

Increased sense of wellbeing

Reduction in stress and tension

How the practice supports healing and wellness

Hatha Flow

Classes suitable for beginners to advanced. Each class is a well-rounded look at the body and mind as a whole, incorporating yoga postures with some focus on alignment with relaxation and breathing techniques, while still keeping an overall flow throughout the class.

With options and variations offered, you’re urged to listen to your body in the present moment, giving these classes the ability to be gentle or dynamic, all depending on you.


A great class to help you build strength, stamina and flexibility.

A vinyasa class is a faster paced class designed to keep the body and breath moving together as you flow nicely from one pose to the next. A beautiful way to connect with your breath while also toning the body and receiving cardiovascular benefits.

These classes are taught in a way making them accessible those new to yoga as well as those with experience.

Yin Yang Yoga

Find balance in this unique class that is a mix of a flowing and restorative styles.

Get moving to warm up and strengthen the body (yang) in preparation to end with some deep restorative stretches (yin) aiming for a pure balance of body and mind.


A beautiful nourishing class, the aim of these classes is relaxation.

Moving at a slower pace, experiencing fewer poses (most likely floor work) but holding for longer, often with the incorporation of props and support; designed to work deeper into the muscles and tissues of the body leaving you feeling restored and refreshed.

Suitable for all levels of experience including those with injuries and pre/ postnatal women, very beneficial if you are unwell or recovering but still want a yoga practice.