Kids & Teens Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that creates balance in the body through exercise, breathing and meditation.

Yoga also compliments all forms of sporting, dance and music activities by increasing core strength through co-ordination and flexibility movements and enhanced breathing techniques.

Benefits include:

  • improves flexibility, strength and co-ordination
  • teaches self-discipline
  • helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • supports improved sleep patterns
  • encourages team work
  • teaches focus
  • develops self-confidence & self esteem

At Just Be Yoga our children and teens yoga classes explore movement and nurture wellbeing in a non-competitive, relaxed and creative environment.

Our classes are open to everyone and we embrace all abilities.  Although each session is themed and structured, our classes evolve by allowing the participants to introduce their interests and ensure the class remains fun in a co-operative and natural way.

Kids & Teens yoga classes are not currently running. To express interest for these classes please email Michelle at