Timetable & Pricing

Class TypeGrants you attendance at:Price
Casualone yoga class.$18
Introductory Offer*2 weeks for $20$20
6 Class Pass6 classes to use as it suits you over 3 months.$95
10 Class Pass10 classes to use as it suits you over 4 months.$160
20 Class Pass20 classes to use as it suits you over 6 months$250
5 Class Meditation Package5 meditation classes valid over 3 months.$50
Unlimited Passes**1 month
3 months
6 months
12 months

* New students only. Must be used over 10 consecutive days. Must be purchased online.
**  Unlimited attendance to any yoga or meditation classes across out timetable; workshops not included.
*** Only available for students who haven’t been to studio in at least 5 months. Only available for purchase in studio.


Our timetable and class prices are now available via the mindbodyonline website, where you can view and book for upcoming classes online.